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I have had the honor of knowing Courtney for years, so was aware of her capacity to understand, question, empathize, stretch and make any person she comes across feel seen in the most genuine way. 


In working with her, being in the container with her, it is an experience unlike anything and one I’m forever grateful for. I came to work with her in this way as I wanted help with inner child and higher self and what I received was a hand that held mine as I stepped into a deep portal of self knowing and understanding. Courtney sees and feels your soul and energy in a way that is warm like the best embrace and hug you’ve felt. It’s in this warm embrace that she helps carry and hold you as she lovingly stretches and take you to places that are tougher to go to. She makes you feel so incredibly safe and received in all you share and explore. It’s through these inherent gifts of hers that she connects you to YOU and the beyond and evokes powerful evolution. 


I have to say my journey with her was discovering an essence of being, living, seeing, hearing, loving, knowing, masculine and feminine, child and adult, past/present/future, layered and faceted, magical and spiritual, and authentically beautiful. 


The day Courtney came into my life was a special one and the day we started to walk the Wild Conduit path together in this process was next level - forever reuniting me with myself and giving me the deepest knowing of myself that I will honor and treasure forever. 


- Lauren 


WhenI started working with Courtney I was at a huge crossroads.  I knew what I didn't want and was really struggling with life.  I felt resistance in my career and was on the verge of depression.  I have done a lot of work on myself, but just felt blocked.


Courtney's ability to intuitively and energetically connect, feel, and listen makes her a master at decoding your unique situation.  She gently helped me bring light to my shadow with love and compassion.  We worked through it and I learned how to make this part of me an ally.  I am now feeling very clear and confident in the direction I am going and who I am being in the process.  I cannot thank Courtney enough.  If you get the change to work with her, do it.


- Scott Handby



The Wild Conduit, Courtney Tallman, has been one of the most beloved resources in my life for the last several years. If I ever have moments when I feel misaligned or just not connected to myself or kind of emotionally dis-regulated, I always know that she's there for me.  When we connect, she brings me right back to my heart. She helps give me perspective on my life and myself as a human being and also a spiritual being. She makes me feel safe all the while and never ever judged. She's lives in her heart. And she always helps put me back in mine and gives me a brand new perspective. Whenever we get off of our calls, I feel a new lease on life and the energy has moved and things start to make a lot more sense so I could not recommend Courtney enough. As a wonderful wonderful healer and companion on this life.

-Dr. Samatha Rader



I call Courtney my soul sister cause I feel like she always knows what my soul is seeking. She has helped guide me to my own truth.  She works with light and energy in a way that is fun, challenging and rewarding. I'm feeling much more kind and patient with myself.  I'm really feeling like I have my own back.  I am so grateful to have her in my life. If you are looking for a conduit that can help you unlock life’s treasures,  you have come to the right place. 

- Amber Flaminino 




 The absolute gift Court has given me is to help me feel truly seen.  


She has this pinpoint accuracy to get to the absolute heart and core of something that I might be experiencing and alchemize it.   Her ability to help me see, understand and intuit in this space with no judgment, so much compassion and grace is her gift.   It's exquisite the way that she is curious and holds you accountable  to become and be who you truly are. That is her medicine.   I could not recommend the experience  enough.


 I am so grateful to have these sessions with her and am honestly so honored to have this transformation.

-Shae-Lee Raven


“I call Courtney my torchbearer, because she has lit the path before me and has  helped me develop a healthy relationship with my inner child and in turn with myself and everyone around me. After 6 months of working with her, I have become a better man and I am so grateful. She will hold space for you and light the path like no one will.”

- Russ Raven



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