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(Outer and Inner)

 Imagine Queer Eye but without the cameras.  Combining my expertise as a Hair Stylist/ Colorist and Certified Energetics and Spiritual Coach, this day will transform you.  I help you access your inner wisdom and deep-rooted blocks.  In the course of a day, you will feel rejuvenated, your skin will glow and you will have a new lease on life.   All of it will be liberating and playful.  

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This is for you if

  • You want to dabble in your dreams and be inspired and shift your energy.

  • You desire glowing skin, a good sweat,  and having gorgeous hair.

  • You are ready to drop in, become aware of the root of what might be holding you back, release what isn't serving you and feel brand new.


The Wild Conduit, Courtney Tallman, has been one of the most beloved resources in my life for the last several years. If I ever have moments when I feel misaligned or just not connected to myself or kind of emotionally dis-regulated, I always know that she's there for me.  When we connect, she brings me right back to my heart. She helps give me perspective on my life and myself as a human being and also a spiritual being. She makes me feel safe all the while and never ever judged. She's lives in her heart. And she always helps put me back in mine and gives me a brand new perspective. Whenever we get off of our calls, I feel a new lease on life and the energy has moved and things start to make a lot more sense so I could not recommend Courtney enough. As a wonderful wonderful healer and companion on this life.


Create YOUR day
(5 hour journey)

  • LIGHT STIM- anti-aging LED treatment

  • Sunlighten Infrared-Sauna

  • Highlights, Cut, or Color

  • Wash, Head Massage and Style

  • Milbon Strengthen and Moisturizing Treatments 

  • Chi Machine (Create Life-Force)

  • Lunch

  • Bike Ride to the beach

  • You bring something you would like to shift, and we use compassion and acceptance as the way through.

  • Customized lasered coaching that is gentle, yet profound.

  • By listening to the symbols of your soul's language, we bring it conscious and you transform.

  • We will integrate the entire day with joy, adventure and play. 

My deep desire is to give you a day that changes you forever.


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