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HI, I'm

I am a human be-ing and do-ing continually learning the balance of both. I am your ally, collaborator, and coach.

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, great aunt, and mother to a 3 lb. Chihuahua. I'm a deep feeler, healer, student, teacher, and entrepreneur. I'm obsessed with unfolding and revealing the deep wisdom and truth within you, helping you make things happen.

Being a lover of beauty and transformation and having an entrepreneurial spirit, I spent over 20 years creating art in hair while simultaneously creating art of the heart. After years of overwhelm and being on the edge of burnout doing both, I shifted my life. Making peace with being front-facing with my gifts was a long and difficult process, a kind of fear I couldn’t explain. I became certified for the first time as a coach in 2009 when no one knew what it was—I waited 13 years if that gives you any indication. Over the years, I took action, changed my relationship with the parts of me that were scared, and studied intensively.




I took course after course—friends encouraging me to showcase my gifts to the world. I had to do it my way, create the strategy and energetics, building a foundation that was simple and beautiful. It took a long time, and I would love to help fill in that gap for you with my secret sauce.

I believe that when we are willing to listen to the spirit of our own soul, ask for guidance both seen and unseen, and learn the energetics of how to take shape of the version of us that's possible, building a community, having accountability, and taking action on your creative project or business, life feels pretty sweet.

I believe I have a gift for getting to the root of the pain, which is often hiding out in your wonder. People often say to me, 'I feel zero judgment in your containers,' and that, my friend, is a key ingredient to bring your gifts to the world. We can all thrive in a place where we un-shame and grow.

And I am in love with supporting you on your  journey. The journey's goal might look like the result, and I'm here for that, but the richness in the process is the ultimate juice, and seeing you proud and fulfilled is satisfying AF.

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